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Batimpro is your ideal partner, offering multi-business expertise in its capacity as designer, manufacturer and installer.

Committed to your projects throughout the whole process, Batimpro provides quality accompaniment, advice and service every step of the way.

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Acclaimed for its breadth of expertise and leading client references, Batimpro's distinctive feature is that we design our own product ranges. Our Research and Development unit creates profiles that meet client expectations and comply with all standards in force.

Our goals are performance, safety and adaptability, so we keep a constant eye on the market and all the latest developments.

Each aspect of your request is studied by our design office: thermal insulation, soundproofing, health, fire safety, resistance to corrosive materials, and so on. The same applies to dimensions, materials and colours: our experts have all the answers. Indeed, all Batimpro products are geared to market needs.

As experienced professionals, we are here to listen. During the diagnostic phase, we offer practical advice to ensure you achieve an innovative result that makes sense for you.

With extensive, multi-sector experience and a broad product range, we can adjust to the specific nature of your request and deliver fully customised projects.



We'll offer you the best fit between the solutions recommended by our design office and the resources available. Each project is subjected to stringent internal procedures, focused on compliance with the relevant standards. With acclaimed expertise and the benefit of modern techniques, we're able to deliver in any quantity. This flexibility draws on appropriate processes and human resources, deployed to achieve your goals.

Our overall structure is based on the principle of "responsiveness":

  • carefully managed stock of raw materials ensures ongoing production
  • standardised product ranges
  • all-year-round production (12 months/12)

Our manufacturing methods ensure we keep to deadlines, and include stringent quality control throughout the entire production process, for your peace of mind.

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Our Works department is one of Batimpro's real strengths. We provide the manpower needed for your installation, working safely, to deadlines, and providing quality assurance and control.

Each team is put together from a network of qualified installers. Mandatory CACES equipment handling training is held on a regular basis to acquire new skills and provide refresher training. Our expertise really does extend right to the end of the whole process.

To ensure safety, a site engineer carries out regular inspections checking that personal protective equipment (PPE) is used, sites are kept clean, and so on. The site engineer also checks that procedures are followed and ensures that installations are properly performed, so that all standards in force are complied with in full.

Scheduling is carried out well ahead of time to ensure each installation phase has been properly assessed - after all, it's vital to ensure your business is not disrupted. We commit to keeping to specific deadlines.

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